I need a tactile creative process, like painting and drawing (and sometimes sewing), in order to feed the demon that follows me wherever I go. It’s a visual language of dreams, reflections, and unconscious manifestations.   

My process alternates between meticulous and casual.  I zoom in on small details, such as the shape and hue of a stroke. I connect or complement it with its surrounding forms, tailoring each detail to each connecting detail until I have a web of thoughts.  The whole process is always in my peripheral mind as intuition’s assistant.



In 2014, I started to zoom in on the mouth and the teeth.  I tend to follow my feelings rather than logic so I focused on the satisfaction of eating something delicious and nourishing.



The colorful markets of Florence, Italy in 2011 sunk into my skin and flooded my painting with vibrant hues.  The expressive and varied faces I saw every day for 4 autumn months inspired my paintings of interlocking faces. 

I only have a second to take in a person's facial expression before they vanish from my sight in the city crowds.  What do you remember about a glimpse of someone's face?  I remember their expression more than their features so painting allows me to project my own perception.  I thought more about the food and the fresh vegetables at the markets than almost anything else in my time there.  I applied those vibrant market colors to the human faces I made at the time.